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Smile Where did I go?

Originally Posted by patswife
I don't believe we ever have to "retrieve" our soul. I think we come into this dimension with it and leave with it. As the saying goes--"we are not bodies with a soul; we are souls with bodies".


Time to bump up

Since my last post In this remarkable website, I have journeyed

My best visions and messages come when I least expect them
I have come to a few conclusions about the soul
And the seven layers that was spoken About above.

Which I find that very intersting considering 7 is everything and
9 is my fav #
oh I am just babbling Rome ..... I meant to type babbling
Brook. HahhaahjajjjajKakak. iPhone!

I will always remember
That last month of November
When nothing seemed right
And I felt the disconnect

I tried to remember
Who I was before december
Not understanding
It was so demanding

That i should just sit And wait
For that little bit at my gate
There was no need to wander
Stay home and start to ponder

My fate!

HAd my tarot cards read 40 yrs ago. And I must tell
You. Everything she told me has happened everything!
Right Down to the chest problem!
however I will be an old lady! Hahahjajajakaka

The soul of my body needed to experience all things this time
So I could be of service!!!!
I know this now. Lost and found!
My mom understood this moments before she crossed over
And returned to help me on this path, several times .
In human form and In spirit
That is soul retreival .....from the heart!

Love to you all
On This glorious adventure
Upon this earth I call heaven xo
dragon spirit
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