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Default to Monti & Sunni

Dear Monti & Sunni,

I completely agree with Kris ... ask Spirit to guide you and you will be shown the right path for the retreat that's right for you. As a seasoned retreat-taker and a retreat-giver, my number one lesson learned is: get out of the way and let Spirit take the reins!

Probably the worst retreat I ever "took" was at a Jesuit center in PA. I was a newbie nun and had grand expectations of what a retreat "should be" like. HA! Someone once said, "If you want to make God laugh, make a plan." Around the 20th hour of my 5 day retreat it dawned on my thick head that absolutely nothing was the way I'd envisioned it should - not even the food!

At that point, I chucked all my expectations and just went with the flow. It turned out to be an excellent retreat -

Good luck. Lots of good places to go to if you want to come to New England ...

Love ya,
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