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Default Dear Monti, Sunni, and All

I will be listening in also.

I send my warmest thoughts to you both.
I have been absent for awhile.

Speaking with spirit or through spirit will give a lot of comfort and I wanted
to say this to you from my own personal experience.

We must understand our earthly experience.

As far as retreats go.....I went to one last thanksgiving...up here in Canada in Nelson, B.C. the Yosodhara Ashram.

Spent most of the three days sitting out in the T-pee instead of inside meditating....hahaha.....too many rules and funny music and "I" love middle eastern everything!

So....Before you go and spend a fortune or go somewhere which doesn't feel like home.....this is what I have come to realize.

However, I went to Santa Rosa once....a old small town east of Sante Fe and I did have a profound experience at the Blue Hole and the little provincial camp ground is full of spirit. xo
Of course Bear Mountain in Wyoming is another power packed would laugh when I tell you the story from there.

Of course all this happened in sequence to finding my sequence to finding your path.....just ask spirit to guide you and it 'Will' happen.

Love Kris
Dragon Spirit and Light xo
dragon spirit
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