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Hi Sunni,

The book is called “The Path of Least Resistance” by Robert Fritz.

If you read it I’d be interested to know what you think. I have a background in design and I could relate to what he said about how people create.

I don’t really agree with his idea that creative people always “do the good” or something like that – because I remember reading that Pablo Picasso beat his wife – and Fritz uses a quote by Pablo. So, I don’t really agree with his implication that some sort of “good” spirituality or virtue comes from the approach but I do like it in terms of focus and not reacting or responding.

And for me it relates to what Monte said (I’m intending to get his book when it comes out – I hope there’s a link put on the site so I don’t have to remember the name of it! LOL which is totally lazy on my part) and now Hans Christian King so I’m looking forward to the show too .

Interestingly and totally unrelated – the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Hans Christian was Hans Christian Anderson and all his tales! I’ve visited HC Anderson’s house in Odense, Denmark – and there’s where we get into totally unrelated lol – I’m having childhood flashbacks haha.

All I keep thinking is – I wonder if Hans Christian King is related to Hans Christian Anderson?

SM – if you read this – could you ask him? I mean “Enquiring minds need to know”

Note - The Path of Least Resistance when he uses this idea Fritz is talking about how energy flows and it makes sense in terms of what science talks about - how we get ruts in our brains and that those ruts are then how we "travel" or think. I haven't yet got to the part about how he thinks we should change those structures.
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