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Question Question for the Interviewer . . . .

There’s a great quote on Hans King’s website -

"Most people don't live their life,
they live their reaction to life."
Hans King

This quote from Hans King’s website is basically exactly what I’ve just read in a book about creating our lives as opposed to reacting and calling it life. The book talks about reactions in terms of responding – ie just going with whatever happens vs reacting which is like doing the opposite. – it’s all reacting not creating.

It’s like psychologists say that people become like their parents or do the opposite of what their parents did – react or respond the book would call it – In any case, I think that idea is very very true – assuming this is what Hans King meant.

I do have a question though – for the interviewer – ahem . . .SM . . . how is it that you could say or imply in your interview with Monte Farber that people in religions were following someone – wanting them to lead them – and totally miss the fact that Monte himself and Hans King are in that position of “leading” or “guiding” people – and, to a certain extent so are you?

I realize that a lot of main stream religions have had a history of dogma – but if we paint all religions by the same brush and say “why do people have to follow” we’re sort of missing the point of religion in terms of – any spiritual group can be a group of people who just happen to view the world in a similar way – and for some people it may be their path to join a group – how would you know?

I really don’t see the difference between what happens,ideally, with the new age mystics dispensing information and solace and, ideally, with a priest or pastor. Or the distinction you make between following a new age person or a mainstream person – assuming they all have equal integrity and connection to spirit.

Isn’t it a question of what might be termed spiritual “culture”?
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