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Default Good Morning Dearest family, friends and planet Earth

Blessed New Year and a Glorious Epiphany!

Daughter flew in Xmas Eve at midnight and I dressed like Santa to meet her
at the airport.

This was the greatest gift of abundant and a tree that looked like it was still growing!

I have spent the last 6 months contemplating my next move. hahahah

Go, stay, go, stay....finally ending up staying and working more than ever.

Was going to move to west coast until I read the rad levels were just as high here as decided to do my work here. Amongst the mountains, animals and clear blue skies of big sky Alberta.

I was told last March as I drove into the mountains that 'they' would help us if nuclear crisis arose and as you see now, all has come to pass.

Miracles happened in Arkansas last July, and grandaughter recovered from Kidney cancer, bless her little/big heart.....and met a woman in a prayer shawl at the motel....she said to me...never give up! amen

I sat and waited
until the crisis abated
hold strong
the bond
of loving kindness xo

My practice now is to ease the transition of some and give hope and compassion to the families as parents and loved ones are crossing over.

The cats are fine and are dodging cyotes and wolfs as they rally for food in the middle of Calgary! Their laser beam eyes will be my light when the time arises and I have to propane stored up for the big event.

Makes Y2K seem so long ago...and I feel like I have lived l0 life times since.

Hope all is well....and may you all find a moment to give thanks for everything and anything that brings peace to your heart in these action packed times.

Love Kris
Dragon Spirit and light xo
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