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Default Choices


I can’t help you make sense of “right or wrong” because I said “Dday and dividing up Berlin were not necessary” as in they were choices. You’ll have to deal with your own black and white interpretation, I’m afraid.

And yes, I have considered war as karma and I’ve also considered something you’ve neglected to mention – choice. We choose when and if we learn our lessons. That’s the point of past life regressions; psychotherapy – self-help and other methods of self-examination. People can choose to learn their lessons mindfully, consciously, and grow at any time. They do not have to wait for the huge crises in their lives to learn from “experience”.

War or any other crisis usually is a result of people choosing not to learn their lessons.

The crises by and large are not necessary and if we believe they are, that blinds us to what we can do, quite possibly, to prevent or mitigate them.

My definition of peace – like everything about how I think – is “grey” – it’s not the polarized version you describe. Peace, to me, is a dynamic equilibrium or tension – akin to what exists in a healthy ecosystem in nature. And it is people understanding how to maintain that (ie peace).

Which is why I know we can achieve it. At least those of us who are willing to make the effort to learn. I happen to believe we are in the silent majority.

You can thank us later.

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