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Default War, Politics and stuff we don't want to know

I think listening to stories about how things were even if the memories arenít perfect is something that can really open up history.

My dad told me that D-Day was not necessary. He said this because he lived in Europe (Germany) during the war and had a totally different perspective. He said that Germany knew that they were done long before the allies did (or at least the public in the allied world did Ė he said it was pretty obvious and allied leaders knew this according to what the Germans were told). He said it was well known that the Germans had been losing and were not going to last in Italy Ė and that the allies could have just pushed up through Europe.

I mentioned this to a friendís dad who was too young to fight in the war but he believed the press and history and he was furious. He said so many people died in D-Day there was no way that the men in charge would not have agreed to do this if they had been winning in Italy. He told me my dad was lying (he wasnít Ė he had a different view point and knowledge that was not pro-ally actions). I tried to understand why my friendís dad would be so upset. My mom knew what my dad said and her brother died in D-Day and she wasnít upset by what my dad told us. But then a lot of Canadians know about how Britain used Canadians and Australians as cannon fodder- thereís politics even in war! So maybe she was not upset because she understood this or maybe because, as a woman, she didnít buy into the glory stories of war..

I think my friendís dad was so angry with what I said because he probably sensed that a lot of things in war are not necessary but didnít want to face that. Itís easier to believe the stories of justice; glory an honour.
But itís not the reality in so far as a lot of battles arenít necessary Ė the old men in charge donít fight Ė the young men (and women) do.

People also now know the allies held back from entering Berlin at the end of the war until the Russians got there Ė if they hadnít there would never have been the same Eastern Bloc. Itís all a big game and the stories we are told support the politically correct version of reality. Peopleís real stories often show a whole different reality. Those are truly fascinating and sometimes very disturbing for people.

But war is never pure Ė itís just a big horrible mess that happens because we donít know how to relate to each other. Chamberlain in Britain said Ė ďPeace in our timeĒ Ė he was for peace Ė but heís a big reason there was even a war.

You have to do more than be nice to stop war.

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