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Question Pearl Harbor Day

After a lucid discussion with my 88-year old father, Charles, about Pearl Harbor Day, he told me about his air force time, again, and after the 'first' bombs were delivered to Hiroshima and Nagasaki he was on-deck because the government was not intending to use more atomic weapons, they were sending in my father’s and other squads to bomb the survivors, in the case that Japan did not surrender. The real first bomb was tested at their air force base; he remembers a huge mushroom-cloud at the end of the runway that initially no one would explain to them, wow.

‘After-dinner’ conversations paint amazing pictures in my mind from stories that I have heard before, I just cannot imagine living in war or Charles being part of it, it happened a long time ago. Sometimes I wonder about the value of memory, I'm not sure that I would want to remember the ’big-stuff' such as World War, but glad that he is around to tell me about it, again.

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