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Hi Aleya,

I really loved your toning. When I was a kid I used to just open up and make sounds – sort of moan/howl/sing – whatever I was led to do and it made me feel better. I used to do it into a pillow - So as not to freak people out .

In listening to you, I could feel the healing in your toning and would love to learn how to do that. Music, sound in general, the vibrations have such an effect on people. It’s like all of these subtle things have been forgotten. Or maybe they aren’t so subtle, the world has just become too coarse.

When I was very stressed years ago, it was music created to align chakras (Steve Halpern) that helped me. There’s a point, I believe, people can get to where the mind just keeps racing because people have over used it and music, your toning, can get past the racing mind.

I found what you said about the body being an energetic spirit of its own (I think that’s what you said ) connected to the devic world – please correct me if I’ve misunderstood – very interesting. It reminded me of what the Hawaiians thought – but they said we had three souls – body, mind and spirit.

From what you said, it would seem that the energetic body of which we are made and our eternal spirit (the body in energetic form is eternal too then, right?) meet and one place – maybe the most intense place where they play and interact would be the mind, wouldn’t it? The brain being physical (ie of the body/energetic realm) but being used by the spirit?

I find that people are saying a lot that the mind is “bad” in the same way that people used to say (and maybe some still do) that the body is “bad”. I believe the mind, whether its seen as a playground or union or just a gift of the mind and body interacting or of God etc is something that can be used well or overworked and run down.

I think that it is being overworked and misused a lot now a days. And compassion, if we can open our hearts to ourselves, means finding tools – like your toning to reach past the mind we have worn out so that we can find balance and heal ourselves. With that healing can come a healing of the mind. Then, I think, people will realize that the mind was not the problem at all but how it was being used and we can then set about to use it in a way that will respect our bodies and our spirits (body, mind and spirit working together).

One last thing – I went to your site and was looking for the whale song you mentioned in your interview. I will confess, I didn’t look hard because my computer is slow – but I was wondering if you could mention how to find that download on your site – eg – from the start page – click this or that page and then this or that link. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for sharing your toning. It was wonderful. I hope I can learn it one day (maybe after I make some money over Christmas )

PS – thank you for describing your cups of consciousness meditations. Do you mean they aren’t a visualization but rather just sound/toning? I don’t do very well with visualizations.

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