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Hi Monti,

What do you have a Mac or a PC? And which of the new links (little boxes) did you click on? I couldn’t get any of them to work for me last night or just now when I tried.

My system is old so I’m going to try tomorrow at the library - I hope something works there –

My error message said the files were corrupted or the player I had didn’t support the choice (every single time it said this) – so if you could tell me what player you used – maybe I could download that. What you’ve said shows the files weren’t corrupted – so a different player might work.


Ps – just don’t tell me you have a Mac lol - I’m not going to buy a new computer – or in my case steal it since I have no money haha

pps - whoops I just remembered you said you weren't too tech saavy - hope my questions make sense - or are easy to answer somehow, any help is appreciated!

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