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Talking Anticipation is making me . . . excited :)

Hi Brit,

Thank you so much! Ive worked on my question (so its not too long- I can run on!) and have just sent it out to you I forgot to ask is the show going to be archived? In case my connection fouls up. Im assuming yes, but just asking in case still excited (moon in Gemini gets excited or something else Clarisa would know lol But thats not my question!)

re: Brazil: I ate fish and veggies Just not a big beef eater and we weren't there all that long. It was the fastest intercontinental trip I've ever made and will ever make

LOL I totally forgot about fish! (Shows what I dont eat and I know I should eat more of) I bet you wish there was time travel - or teleportation or something hope you didnt get bumped and bruised by crazy paparazzi although airport passengers could offer just as much of a tussle sometimes, I imagine!

Looking forward to the show.

Did I mention I sent my question to you
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