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Hi Brit,

This sounds fun and fascinating!

Can we hear the show just like the interviews – ok, now having written that – it’s probably obvious – same thing as the interviews – live stream? But if we call in and have dial up – then we can’t do both – right?

So then an email question is better – are the questions about anything? Jobs, career, relationships?

Should we give our birthdates etc? (she’s not going to tell our ages etc is she?)

Is it like predictive astrology or just telling us who we are –
Ok, I’m just excited – if these questions are totally necessary to answer – feel free to ignore them –

I am not sure what question I would ask or how – but I might – just might . . . .very exciting!

My moon in Gemini is really excited.

By the way, Brit – how did you manage to avoid eating meat in Brazil? I thought people were really big meat eaters down there – portuguese influence and all. (I digress)
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