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Originally Posted by Cher O
I see now what a poor choice of words that was. Of course you are hurting. That is not what I meant. What I meant is that you can still somehow stand above everything (like your hawks) and see that from a higher perspective Sean's circumstances are a gathering force for love and concern in others. And his choices are his own. Peg said it best in her recent post. She has such a gift for words. I know all you really want is to gather him in your arms and just hold him. Comfort him. It's what I would do for you if you were in arm's reach.

So please forgive me, my friend. I know how deep is your pain. Love, C.

I know C, because you know me so well. I just wanted to address the difference between detachment and just dealing with it. Though we be in pain, we can still deal with it.

And that is simply what I am doing, just dealing with itl.

Love you, Deb
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