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Originally Posted by Brit
Dearest Deb
Keeping you and Sean in my prayers and energy work.

This morning as I read the posts here a white feather came gently floating into my room thru a partially open window... It was a reminder that we have the support of the seen and unseen realities when we need it most. I think you both have angels helping now... Maybe a special one that delivered a calling card earlier today.

Keeping you in light, energy, and blanketed in love

Oh Brit, you are going to love this, I certainly did. After I read this, I felt the pull to go out my back door for a breath of fresh air. And there on the grass, was not one, but two little white feathers. I smiled and knew that your Dad is, indeed, with us - yes. I put them in the note that Sean had written that I am keeping with me in my purse.

I'm taking the bus back to Ft. Worth later this week. Sean's Uncle Don is getting Sean's car ready for me to use while there and I will be staying with my lifelong friends there. So, all is working in accord for me to return to be with my son. And I am so grateful for everything and for everyone who has come to our aide. In the worst tragedies there are many bright moments and love seems to shine "It's" brightest. I so feel all the love surrounding us.

Thank you all for your tender loving care. I'm taking my laptop with me so I can keep in touch this time. Don't know what day I will be leaving - as soon as all is coordinated. I'll let you know.

Love, Deb
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