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Default Making preparations for me to return to Ft. Worth

We saw numerous hawks on our return to NM. Sometimes there was a lone hawk circling over the highway above our car. On other occasions there were two hawks circling over us. We noticed this and made a statement to look up the hawk again in our Shaman Wisdom cards. And this is what it said:

I am Hawk. As my wings carry me over the fields below, I am filled with quite awe and love of Earth and Sky. I am a powerful warrior and take conflict in stride. I am assertive and perceptive, focusing on my intent. I observe, then act. I keenly identify new opportunities as well has hazards and challenges. I am powerful in my ability to maneuver through testy situations.

I am filled with quiet awe and love. Soaring into your world today, my head cocked and my wings spread, I rouse you to see through and above whatever situation you may find yourself in at this time. From my higher perspective, you can see hazards and obstacles that block your progress. Meanings are often camouflaged in our day-to-day routine. Listen for my shrill cry, and you will know it is time to obtain balance and insight. Follow your heart, your genuine truth.

We are now making preparations for me to return to Ft. Worth to be with my son at this time of his need and my need to be with him. Peg will stay in NM to take care of the homefront. We are currently checking out options of another vehicle as we only have one at this time. There are several options, we are now determining which is best.

I have been offered housing from my friends in Ft. Worth and several friends have offered monetary support for me to return as I was laid off from my job. Oh how I bless the Universe, Source Energy, God and my wonderful loving friends. Thank you all so very much for your assistance and your support. We are getting my laptop fixed so that I can take it with me so that I can stay in contact with the all of you. I am so grateful for your prayers and your loving intentions.

Love, Deb
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