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Default To Sean...

Dear Sean-y,

Although you are not in a position to read this right now, I am trusting that the loving and compassionate energies of this letter will reach you in spirit. May it bring you peace and comfort to your entire Being.

I wish to Thank You for being You. Although I do not understand all the struggles and challenges you have experienced in your life, I do know that they played out the way they did to garner lessons and growth in spiritual evolvement.

I just finished re-reading all the posts in this thread and am amazed at how just one life can touch so many others – how can we possibly deny a connection between us all? Not just your mom, but your aunts and uncles, your grandmother, your friends, the medical team, and all those here on the Boards who are surrounding you with loving energies for your highest good.

Your present situation has impulsed many of us to go deep within ourselves and get in touch with what we truly believe. And it has further urged some of us to share our thoughts, and in that sharing we are all learning from you and from each other, which is beneficial in some way to us all. It doesn’t matter whether we agree or not with each other in choices made or beliefs held in the depths of our souls. What matters is the value we each receive through the sharing in further defining our individual truth.

So Sean-y, although you may not realize it consciously, you are a wonderful Teacher for many of us. Because what you chose to do, on a much deeper level, shows a Love that can touch others at their soul level by contemplating how your actions, and all the ramifications for you and others, can raise our own awareness and release what no longer serves us. We are all in this game of Life together, and everything that we each choose to do affects those around us in some way. I am learning that I am responsible for my actions and reactions. I am learning to be at peace with choices I am making through all of this, because as difficult as some of those choices are, I am becoming a better me, and I trust that that, in some way, will be of benefit to those I love and care about.

So Thank You, Sean-y, from my heart to yours, for helping us all in some way to discern a greater awareness of Life and Love, and all it entails, at all of its levels. Blessing you and surrounding you with Love and Light…

With Love….Sweet Pea

Blessed Be,
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