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Default I think this is something that we all need to grasp.

On August 24, 2011, Wednesday, late in the day, I got a call from the Chaplain at Harris Methodist Hospital in Ft. Worth, TX. He said this was very hard for him to do over the phone but that my son, Sean, had jumped off the Vickery Bridge from 75 feet. He said that my son was alive but in very critical condition. I will not interject my feelings here, as I am certain that anyone reading this would know of their own accord. So, Peg and I packed our bags in a wait of the morning for a trip to the bank to gather funds for the trip to Texas. We then headed out to Ft. Worth. Peg drove for about four hours and then I took the wheel. Seems I was more comfortable driving than being the passenger as I knew the way and it seemed to keep my mind more occupied.

Some twelve hours later, we got to the hospital and found that Sean had already been taken into one of the first surgeries that he would have to address. We were told that it would be a lengthy surgery throughout the night to stabilize his limbs and were told to go find a place to rest until the morning. So we did.

Back at the hospital the next morning, we were told that he was stable, he was in the Trauma ICU. It appeared that he had no brain damage and that his organs were functioning. The doctor said it was a miracle that he had survived this fall.

I met with the doctors and told them of my son’s wishes if he were ever in this position that he did not want life sustaining efforts. The doctor told me that he had no life threatening injuries and that he could survive this.

My heart was heavy, as my son and I had talked about this when he was here with me. I felt obligated to tell them of his choices and so I did. The doctor was so gracious in that he said, we will follow his desires but we have to do everything that we can do, in this instance to save his life. The doctor relieved me of the choices to be made by his statement that he could not morally or legally do anything else than what he was doing and that he would take that responsibility upon himself.

I told him that this was not the first time that my son had attempted to relieve himself from this earth plane. He conceded in saying that he understood and that I had done what my son wanted but now it was in his hands and not mine. He said that Sean was on a breathing machine and would be until they got him off of it. If they felt they had to put him back on it, then they wouldn’t because of his request. So, then we went forward.

Sean has gone through multiple surgeries in this past week. Arms, legs, and lower jaw bone. He has many more to go through.

Today, he had fever and rapid heart beat, so they are going to insert a mesh in his artery in his groin area to prevent a blood clot from reaching his brain. And yet they are still going to proceed with the next surgery on his left arm. He has multiple breaks and his elbow is crushed. Then tomorrow, they will do surgery on his right arm. The doctor says that there could be limited movement in his elbows from here on out as well as his ankle function. He may walk again but with limited mobility as well as pain.

So, we are looking at a long road here.

It has been my opinion for quite some time that there are those who simply do not wish to be here at this time, and I know that my son is one of those. That is why I seek to honor his wishes. I know, in my heart, that we are eternal beings and that we do not “die”. To me, it is a matter of choice as with everything else. We all choose where and what we want to experience at any given time.

So, I ask the all of you to simply insert your energies to accomplish just that for my son. Let us all intend for his highest good whatever that may be. Whether he is to remain on this earth plane or to go forward to another dimension of existence. I believe my son knows best for his advantage. So, let us simply give energy to his highest good.

I so appreciate all of your attentiveness in his regard. We will be keeping you updated as we go along.

Thank you all so much for your tender loving care.

Love, Deb
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