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Default Update on Sean...

Update on Sean...

We just got back about two hours ago. Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and loving energies for Sean and Deb. He will most definitely need them.

Deb is right now gathering her thoughts for posting more details, but here is a bit of what happened.

Sean attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a 75 foot bridge! The doctors told us that statistically, this kind of jump has a 90% fatality rate, and that the 10% that do survive usually have brain damage among other complications. The good news is he does not have any brain damage and did not injure any vital organs, although one lung did collapse and half of the other lung collapsed. He was put on a ventilator to assist his breathing and of course is heavily sedated with numerous meds and morphine for the pain. He is semi conscious tho and is able to follow commands from the doctor. In the moment he knows when Deb is there and tries to respond, sometimes with tears falling from his eyes. But the nurses said that usually paitents this critical do not remember their time in there nor any conversations. When he does respond to Deb his blood pressure goes up and he starts breathing too rapidly and we were asked not to talk with him because it makes it difficult to keep him stable.

In essense, he has shattered almost every bone in his body and will need numerous multiple surgeries. He already has had 4 since we've been there and another is scheduled for today, and two more next week. He broke both arms, elbows, legs, feet shattered, pelvis broke in 3 or 4 places, and lower jaw bone disconnected. The surgeries so far are lasting anywhere from 5 to 7 hours! They are literally trying to piece him together. There was some internal bleeding in the brain and the abdomen which was a concern in the beginning, but now that seems to be correcting itself. The doctors say he is not terminal and that he will be able to walk again, although due to fuzing the ankles it will probably be with a limp and may have to use a cane. He will have limited use of his arms. His jawbone is worse than expected so the surgeon could not do what he originally intended. Instead he removed the loose teeth and tried to fuse together the jawbone which split itself down the middle instead of in half which is what he was expecting. So he put some screws in there temporarily and wired his mouth and jaw shut. They put in a trach to ventilate him from there instead of via the mouth/throat that was originally done. So the jaw surgery is postponed until about 6 weeks from now.

Basically he's been holding his own and they have been able to keep him stable. However, after yesterday's surgery, he had a low fever which they said was normal, but it has risen this morning to over 102 and his heart rate jumped to 160 and they are quite concerned about that. I think tho that they still went ahead with the surgery today.

That's about where it stands for now. Deb will call the hospital tonight to see how he is doing.

Thank you one and all for all your loving thoughts and prayers and healing energies... They are so appreciated...

Blessed Be,
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