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Default Angel Raphael

I rmember the last time I called this angel, about a year ago....

He/she appeared very quickly, as this angel has done this time also.

I have just finished my first Hopi initiation of many, however the timing is now. I just got back from Palm springs, staying on Hopi the course was so sychronistic....I laughed the whole week!

Also Hwy 111 runs right throught town....

My trip to Jerusalem was interesting....however, they hung so many flags after Obama's speach about the borders...that is was an eye sight into their pyschie.

The middle east is shifting....and I heard the two young boys in Tripoli that started the under ground radio station for the people and the light!

I have never lost my faith in this world....and neither should any of you.

Becoming self sustaining is the #1 thing on my calendar...and as I said before....I remain here....waiting at my gate....for anyone who sees...I left my the flower pot...xooxxoox hhahaha

ps. Tom Campbell, physist is going to be here in Calgary soon...teaching some that should be interesting! end of sept. 2011
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