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Hi Kris and Friends,
I just read this from a newsletter sent.
I find it interesting that you are "sparkling" and seeing green. I just finished my last course for my BA which I picked with my eyes closed randomly out of all the choices of 3rd and 4th year Liberal Ed. courses. It was called "Themes in Contemporary Culture". I had no idea what it might be about but was desperate for one more 3rd or 4th level course. In anycase it proved to be one of the most profound courses I've ever taken. It was about Ancient Wisdom and how we can apply it to modern times.
We went through the Wade Davis CBC Massey Lecture Series - "Why Ancient Wisdom Matters".
In any case I am noticing this theme coming out a lot in my life - we are suddenly remembering again our interconnectedness, our oneness, a higher level of consciousness - our roots.
I do hope all is okay with all your tests - but I do believe the 2012 enigma is about a cycle that we intergallactically follow that brings back an energy/geomagnetics - that heightens our awareness. I think everyone I know is feeling symptoms of this energy and its effects.
That or its just some crazyass pms, peri or menopause!!!
Either way - I do believe we already exist multidimensionally and even in levels of parallel dimensions - with a multitude of paths not chosen in the life you are focusing in.
xo Froggie
You are an artist, you are unique, you are expressing your self.
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