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Dearest Kris;

Just trust where you are in this moment

I'm finding that a lot of truths are coming out and with that it is changing our future almost daily. Best thing we can all do is work on our own core and anchor in the higher frequencies when we are able to. Find a gentle harmony within until the next big push.

I do feel that we will be doing some migration in the very near future though but no point in thinking too much about will be OKAY Remember also that we have all done this before and we wouldn't be here now if we didn't need to be for a very good reason. Nothing is random. ALL is Love.

And as far as choices....if you have to ask that, maybe it is not time for the answer? With such an important question, don't you think that the answer would be absolute without residual apprehensions?

I don't think we're done yet, you said,
is just the tip of the ice berg.....hhahahha

I had a similar day a few weeks ago....lots and lots of synchronicities that day Whao!!!! I was not in my happy calm place, however like you appear to be. I was in the "I want to unplug from this crazy place", getting a little frustrated with the lack of respect for environment, animals, health, etc. Was a day full of headlines that got me going and in one of my posts that I made on FB first thing in the morning, I wrote out in response to another posted that asked what we should do and the whole US and THEM thing..."We just have to say no more". Those same grouping of words played out over and over throughout the course of the day thru many different and seemingly unrelated topics. It was so loud and clear that I had no choice but to pay attention to it and what appeared to be a collective shifting place within humanity; because we are all One and moving together. At the end of the day, my guides piped in that scene and song from Willie Wonka right before the boat goes in the tunnel. I thought they were humoring me with all the crazy going on in the world and I laughed but then it occurred to me maybe there was MORE that they were trying to convey. When I watched it, I was astounded! The information, the message...a confirmation to the days synchronicities and more. Also a deeper glimpse and understanding of what we are experiencing now. I went ahead and posted it on FB but no one noticed But I bet you would understand the deeper meanings and what is being played out and where we are going and when I think it relates to what you have posted.

Better be happy now....

"The Boy's Gone" Jason Mraz
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