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Default The crystal city

I have been "seeing" alot lately.

Alot of Green....

I remember a few years ago...when the veil was lifting in one of my visions, of course I was too stressed to understand it at the time.

Now that things have calmed down...hahha....I mean in my little sphere...I understand the veil and the 5th dimension.

Now if we are to become light beings....and enter this 5th or at least become aware of it...does this mean I have to choose?

Now that is a huge dialema...sp? cuz I really like where I am right now...since it has taken me 58yrs of growing! However,

I really like the crystal green city I see in the mountains...and all the orbs of fairy and starlights.

Now, who would have thought that this would all be happening in the middle of the east's uprising and Japan's earth shake?

If this isn't the most uncanny assortment of events...well...I think it is mindful and that is just the tip of the ice berg.....hhahahha

New pictures of Neptune and saturn that they just can't explain...and now I have to think about where I want to go next?

The great question is: Can I do both...I mean, can I exist on both planes? at the same time?

and don't tell me that the time lines are crossing paths cuz I feel so mixed up at the moment...and my body feels like it is going to explode from food and sparking all over. As if my DNA is looping circles upon itself.

I see over on Facebook these are all the signs and symptoms of ascension, however, I am not sure I like it!!!!!!

And if those guys over there understood any of this....why the heck are they fighting ....cuz....I tell you....if they knew what is happening they wouldn't have time to even think. is time to go make some tea, cuz I can't sleep anyways...and the cats want out again....

Hope to incense some answers to at least one of my questions...cuz I love you all very much..and need some reassurance...before the big bang.

Love Kris xo
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