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Default Explained De Ja Vu

My son is 9 and so I kept it very much on the surface and light hearted. I asked him more about his experiences. My son said he had the experiences often and at school.

I told him that this was a talent and he should practice using it. We are musical and I explained that this talent (de ja vu) is just like having an ear for rhythm and not everyone has it. My son related it to being able to see his grandfather in spirit form after he passed.

I told him about intuition and how important to listen to the voice. Out of the blue he said it is easy to talk to God. I then mentioned having guardians (guides). My son asked how many guides could one have? I told him I had heard one person had 12 and maybe more. My son said that his guide was his deceased granddad and our distant relative who fought in the battle of the Alamo - Green B Jameson. The discussion ended there from what I can remember.
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