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Ms. MacLaine,

If you ever have a spare moment or two you should ask Cmarie to share her story with you. I don't think she will post it on here though. She has touched the lives of many people and has even helped a few "victims" file suits against their abusers. I know that every time I hear her speak about the struggle during the abuse and the result of that abuse, I learn something new.

Cmarie has never let anyone including our younger brother and myself get close to her, however, she is letting you and others. I'm proud that she has found friends that wont judge her and are honest with her. She even told me this morning she is going to save up money to come see you in person when you come to Fort Worth in April. I have to tell you this because it made me laugh, she says the only ticket she can afford is the nose bleed section. Cmarie said this with a smile on her face, and she doesn't care because she gets to see her role model in person. She was laughing so hard she was crying! I have never seen her so happy in my whole life.

Shirley, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for comforting Jasmine. She thought that you would be upset about what she wrote, I tried to tell her otherwise but who listens to the person laying on the bed. - Cmarie

Thank you again Ms. MacLaine,
P.S. She was embarrassed I told you about the fifth grade report.
Much love,
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