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Default My CMarie and Shirley MacLaine

Ms. MacLaine,

My name is Jasmine, as I have posted I'm CMarie's sister. When she collapsed last night and asked me to keep everyone up to date I agreed. While she was sleeping I scrolled through some of the posts from other members on here. When she woke up I asked her to stop using this website because it was giving her a false sense of being. She defended everyone and said that you are all a family and that in a sense you, Ms. MacLaine were the matriarch of that family.

When my sister was in fifth grade she had to do a report on her role model. When asked by her teacher who her role model was CMarie looked right at her teacher and said Shirley MacLaine. Our Aunt Barbara made her a costume that looked like the costume from the movie The Apartment. I asked her recently who her role model was and she said Shirley MacLaine always has been and always will be. We had a very long conversation about her being a member of this site, I feel that she is wasting her time and energy. I told her that no one truly cared they just felt bad because she wasn't feeling well.

You want to know something, I never truly knew how highly CMarie regards you Ms. MacLaine. I have seen my sister share her story so many times to different audiences that I almost have it memorized. She always makes a reference to how Shirley MacLaine gave her the strength to stop the abuse.

I give you a standing ovation Ms. MacLaine, you have given hope and strength to my sister. You have made a difference that you will never truly know.

Three words no one ever hears come from my mouth I was wrong. I say these words to you Shirley MacLaine, I was wrong and I see how much of a family everyone here truly is.

Thank you for being there for my sister when I wasn't,

Much love,
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