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Default The rainbow

Dear Shirley,

After I closed my eyes this is what I saw: I was above a very dense forest and I looked at a rainbow in the horizon. The rainbow had its colors very well defined and clear. The rainbow started from the upper right “corner” and it went down to the middle of the scene and disappeared beyond the forest. The sky was bright blue and I did not see clouds at all... hmmm. I had the feeling that I was guided or allowed to be there. The scene appeared clear once I closed my eyes. The sky and the rainbow dominated the scene though on the bottom I could see very clear the very dense green forest (about 1/3rd of the whole scene).
I guess the focal point was the Rainbow because it dominated the sky and the forest, and it had something awesome in its grandeur, I just couldn’t move my eyes away from it for a short while. The sky and the forest were addtions to a perfect harmony. The sky was a bit more intense blue by the rainbow and gradually lighter on the other side. The forest was very dense and I couldn’t see the ground because the top of the trees.

Love, Octavian
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