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Originally Posted by lidia
AAAH gal's and gul's
at the moment, i am down...-my brother past away, and yes, it was inevitable, was very sick and so, i am surfing SM site and similar sites to turn my mind of the sad thinking, and sure enough, here, i have my wish: have a giggle, and answers, and deep satisfaction to know we are of similar thinking level and are no shy to free express our mind knowing that You will be understanding or open to talk...
Thank You everybody for being here, i LOVE You all and a specially Shirley and her hard working crew for allowing this site to us
Have a happy incoming Holidays and take great care, my The LOVE be with You all
Love and Blessings

at this moment, i am physically sending You all my LOVE energy, take IT and i will have IT back multiplied

i don't know why our hearts have to break sometimes
in order to open; i only know that when they break wide open;
all around us Grace abounds in the faces and hearts of those
who grieve with us... and in the spaces between our feelings
and our thoughts; Grace is there. It's kind of like we're blessed
(during these times of grieving) with a collective heightened
awareness of our real and true spiritual natures as love
abounds with grace. Though i wouldn't wish these times
upon anyone (paradoxical,eh?). i'm sorry for your loss, Lidia.

Sending you lots of love,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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