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The canopy of trees created pools of coolness on an otherwise bright sunny day. *I walked over the soft, slightly spongey ground, took off my shoes and climbed up to a large flat rock which was bathed in sunlight overhanging a calm wide pool of water the end of which was a high slightly misting waterfall.

Butterflies danced among the wildflowers; blues, purples, yellows, oranges and pure white and small bees hummed around a hive suspended from the graceful arch of an over hanging wattle.

Behind the hum of of the bees a lyrebird was doing its impersonation of a magpie and just past the clump of maidenhair a bird of paradise began clearing the spot for his mating dance for the hen in the guava bush. *Behind this activity voices rose and fell in the distance; giggles, kisses, hugs, tears and peels of joyous laughter.

I took off my dress, closed my eyes and rested in the suns gentle pulsations, *finding the rock agreeably comfortable against my back. *As the suns warmth made my skin prickle, a series of cool zephyrs tickled the small hairs on my body.

Suspended in feelings, I was suddenly aware of soft padding feet, heavy panting and then a large warm body standing over me. *Enveloped by a salty muskiness *she rubbed her cheek over my protruding hip and then she moved to my head and started gently nuzzling and licking me with her giant rasping tongue.

There was a little party going on below us as her four travelling companions frolicked at the edge of the water, two were rolling over each other another chasing a butterfly and the fourth lazyily keeping guard.

The sun was going down and as its light receeded, the dog star made his nightly appearence and a soft irradescent glow began pulsing gently from behind the waterfall. *The cave tucked behind the waterfall must have been a huge boulder opal, because now that the searchers had finished with all their frivoloty and joyful reunions they were lighting candles *in preparation for evening meditations. *As each candle flickered to life its light ignited a vein of coloured irridescence in the bowl shapped cave, projecting it outwards to the forest.

The preparations in the forest for the night ahead were gaining momentum and as the chill of the clear night settled I put my dress back on and lounged back against the rock.*
By now all the lions had made their way up and were moving in against the chill of the clear night.

My eyes locked for a moment with the honey coloured pools of my protector and intantly I knew a fire was to be made. * I stepped over the circle of musky strength and warmth, gathered firewood and river stones and arranged them in a ring at the outer most edge of the large flat rock.

By now the forest life had gone quiet and the chanting from behind the waterfall dominated the space, I noticed that the swirling lights of the cave had formed coloured ribbons of fire light some running parrallel others entwining; so many colours, hues and vibrations. *The fire in our stone circle sprang to life and I looked up to see several other fires igniting along the edge of the wide pond.

The vibration set up by the chanting seemed to lock onto all the fire at once and before long tendrils of colour wafted out from the behind the waterfall and effervesced in the centre of the pool. At once volleys of shimmering arrows of golden light arched out of the river fires, converging on the same spot with a force that *lifted the now multicoloured flame upwards.

My attention was drawn to the *fire on the opposite bank, and with that a irridiscent golden ribbon flew from my fire to meet its mysterious counterpoint.......

sorry if I went on too long, and sorry if its really bad.
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