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Originally Posted by Cushings
To me, Grace is a woman that George Burns said: "Say good night, Gracie" to, and I always said: "Good night, George and Grace." right back at them.

Grace is also forgiveness, generosity of spirit, politeness, tolerance, the ability to be humble and many times, a damn good way to move your body! It's any combination of the above that can be grace. The willingness to learn form anyone or any experience is grace. Total respect for animals and yourself is grace.

“Grace” and “classy” are often synonymous. That is why I am here, all of you seem to me to be intellectually, psychologically and creativly: 'to the power of ten,' Grace. So, “sing” becuse you are grace. What often seems to br my own grace, though, is: “Sock it to me?” LOL

I love you guys!

Have i said welcome yet, Cushings?

((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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