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Default Yes, just now

Just did the process, now. So, yes, I have traveled with the picture, seconds ago .

Here's the result:

I saw the water fall in the background across a lovely green emerald-ish small lake or pond surrounded by gorgeous tropical flora and fauna. Beautiful high trees traveling to the sky all around. So high they created a kind of canopy over the pond. The waterfall cascaded down over high rocks and behind the waterfall was a quiet resting place where people gathered, feasted, and an ancient man sat calmly and wise. A girl, woman, named Flay, walked around the waterfall to a rock where I sat as Onda on a rock, she brought me food on a tray, lovely fruits like apples and something canteloupe orange and juicy like cantaloupe but not. Emerald glistening sequined fish dancing rainbow colors off their scales poked through the pond's surface flashing brilliant colors into the air. The air tasted sweet, yet dank from the healthy decay fostering new growth all around. The earth was soft and smelled dank, too, yet hearty like a good nutritious meal lasting long after the eating, sustaining you for a long, long time. I felt the earth under me even tho I sat on the rock where Flay had brought the food. Simulataneously, as well, I felt and breathed this air, full and hearty, too. While being in place, I also was in spirit behind the water fall where the feasting took place, as if in several places at once, yet happy motionless on the rock. Even as receiving the love and food from Flay, I was still very still on the rock, yet in spirit and image somehow moving to her too to accept her food and gift of spirit. We mounted a large bird of a kind I have never seen before and flew magnificently into the air, clear and radiant and full of sunlight, even though canopy from the trees so high seemed to both cover the pond yet be open and clear to the sky of blue with white fluffy cumulus clouds, as if again, much was happening in this place simultaneously as if while in place many dimensions were in play and all realities of the present moment, intertwined like the strands of a beautiful woven fabric, all connected, radiant and blessed. Emotionally, I felt strange, new, free and puzzled by the experience, yet somehow at home with it too, comfortable with it, in fact knowing it as a reality. Juxtaposed emotions, I suppose. Contradictory, yet feeling both. I liked it there. A lot. And didn't want to leave. And would like to go back... to inhabit that world which I suppose is a telling emotional response. Physically I felt strong, vibrant, healthy, muscular as in fit... very healthy. Smells were contradictory too in that the air and earth and water and spray from the falls all felt moist and dank yet clear too as in fresh and easily passed through the nostrils, welcomed by the nostrils as if these smells nourished somehow, too. I heard the sounds of the birds in the air, colored birds, large birds like South American birds. Not a lot, just early on in the experience as the stage was being set forming itself and flowing. It sounds as if I was there a long time, in this reality's time measure, yet only a very short period in this reality. Much happened. Interesting this. Yes. Thank you Shirley for jogging me to do this.
All good to all.

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