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As I looked deeply, deeply into your soul I wonder where I may wander through space and time again looking deeply into your soul.. It brought me joy and pain but it was worth the long deep look into your soul...

I felt the deep caring and concern and sadness as I longed to help you through it all. I longed to be near you again as I once was somewehere un known in time as I looked deeply into your eyes. I rode a wave of remembering you from long ago.

I wonder if it will ever come to me again or has it already passed.. wander with me through your I tip toe past you again. did you hear me calling? As I tip toed past you? In this vast thing we call our past....
Originally Posted by ShirleyMac

I did this with some friends the other night after dinner. Itís another one of my little exercises and I hope you will want to journey with me. Itís like permission to daydream.

We create a group picture through meditation and breathing. I donít want to say much more because, if, as it did at dinner, this can be a wonderful experience and quite a lesson.

Iíll start by setting a foundation for the location.
Then anyone that wants to participate in the experience can share what they see.

Begin by breathing deeply through your nose.
Hold the breath for 9 seconds.
Exhale through your mouth.
Repeat this two more times.
(One for Spirit, one for mind, one for body.)
Allow the tension to leave your body.
Your shoulders relax.

The scene:
A tropical forest.
I can smell the decay of vegetation.
It smells sweet.
I see a waterfall in the distance.
I hear birds.
I feel at home.

Close your eyes.
Continue breathing deeply.
What do you see, hear, taste, smell, feel physically and emotionally?
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