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Default Angel Governing May 26th to 31st


(I pronounce the Angel's Name May-Baw-Hel (like Bell) )

Qualities: Liberates the oppressed, prisoners - Fairness - Reestablishes natural order - Defender of justice, lawyer - Universal law.

Distortions: lies - oppression - calumny - legal suit - accusation - usurper - tyrant, victim - identified with social law - unloved, unaccepted - rejection, exclusion, persecution - going against the stream.

I would like to share with you the following.

Standing, sitting or lying down, breathe in the name MEBAHEL by inhaling through the nose, and hold your breath a few seconds. Then, exhale slowly and progressively through the nose. Repeat the exercise as long as needed to create a state of calm. Then you can continue by breathing freely while continuing to invoke MEBAHEL keeping the eyes closed.

By invoking or repeating the Sacred Formula represented by the Angel's name, we create a passage between the conscious, the subconscious and the different layers of the unconscious, thus reprogramming the different Angelic states of consciousness within, and allowing ourselves to reconnect with our celestial origin. The objective of this work is to purify our soul and become totally conscious in order to rediscover the Knowledge that lies within.

MEBAHEL is your Angel number 1 (Physical) if your Birthday is May 26th to 31st.
MEBAHEL is your Angel number 2 (Emotional) if your Birthday is April 3rd, June 17th, Aug 31st, Nov 12th, Jan 22nd.
MEBAHEL is your Angel number 3 (Intellectual) if you are born: 4h20 to 4h39 a.m.

In the picture of the Tree of Life, this Angel resides: HOCHMAH Specificity NETZACH

This information is taken from The Book of Angels, and Les Ailes de la Vie (Wings of Life, 2nd Edition)and Traditional Angelology and Angelica Yoga written by Kaya and Christiane Muller, Univers/Citť MikaŽl.

Pema Norpal
Know Thyself and You Will Know The Universe
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