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When you get in your sixties and you look around you think of all the deals you've made.Compromises about life in general.Oh I wanted this but I'll settle for that or I wanted this but I guess I'll take whats left.You make the best of it.Thats what I told myself when I left home at 18.My step father said"don't think you can run home everytime it gets hard."Smiling and whispering in my ear out of mothers site at the air port.
"No I wouldn't think that would I,"turned and left for three years in the Army during the Viet Nam.
You hold something back or else they can hurt you bad.You've seen people hurt bad they do things to themselves and others.Go to jail or die by there own hand or others.
You got to make the best of it.In any situation play the odds and you'll at least you have something.You wonder sometimes do people think about you like you think about them.Oh,I would rather be this person but I'm stuck with these people.Is anyone ever in a relationship where booth parties are really into it.Or do think,I got to make the best of it.
These last 25 years I've met alot of people,most seem to be going through the motions.Maybe thats what I do most of the time.
Aging gracefully is bull.You want to go get that woman and run off and screw the world or run off with that guy for the women.You don't want to think about medical costs and where am I going to live and I can't remember or my mates dying of cancer.
I hope someone can do that.I hope they don't have to make the best of it.

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