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At 61 I seem to be unemployed and headed for retirement.I take a mountain vitimans and keep with all the latest stuff.I work out everyday at home and also go to Golds twice a week.
I am not perfect by any means.Its more a bad habit I picked up when I was 13.I have done all the bad things we do in our youth.
My sister in law who is 68 is going to get a face lift.Where I could see it,if your a public figure I can't see it just to going to 7/11 or date a guy thats 75.
There is a point where you have to except things to a point.Certain people make me feel young.Many times its only when I look into the mirror I think god who is that guy.
As long as you have your health and mental power its a wonderful thing.But when you start going down hill its another.

S Harmon
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