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Default Hi again Ufonutt maybee you have been there once

We walked to some “glass cases” where I saw the first crystal instrument, the radio, which was the simplest device to receive sound waves. The instrument consisted of a very simple oscillator, where the crystal was used as diode which meant there was no need for batteries or any other form of power supply. They showed us how we on Earth could use the receiving system of the crystals, however, we had not made use of this knowledge, instead we had preferred to develop via the electric energy. I saw many funny instruments like alarm clocks with phosphorescent numbers so that you could tell the time in the dark. This small glimpse of knowledge had not been adopted by human beings either.
I was showed into a giant room where the walls were covered with television screens from floor to ceiling. We sat down in comfortable revolving chairs. Each time I looked at a screen that interested me, the chair moved automatically so that I faced that particular screen, it seemed to be directed by my thought waves. It knew what I wanted to see and when I was finished, it simply followed my thoughts – another new feeling. I looked from screen to screen. I could see what was happening on Earth, as if I were reading a book. I was somewhere in America at a university with many scientists, doctors, journalists and a broad panel of students. It was a delicate subject – healing, the power of thoughts, visualization and surgery with assistance from space. The atmosphere was of a low frequency, inexperienced and fearful, but nevertheless interested. From above, I could understand the development that we have to pass through before we reach the level of the Crystal Universe. We still do not have the capacity to absorb the enormous knowledge that exists here in the Crystal Universe. The development flows with exactly the speed that we are ready to “receive” it. Again I realized that you cannot skip any of your assignments: Everything needs peace and readiness to be converted and absorbed in the right way. If we skip one of the links, we will not be able to understand the next part of the task. All wisdom adds up to a complete understanding of the universe.
Time is elastic, this means it is dependent on how we use it. Each person can decide how much time to use on an assignment (karma): Each of us is responsible for whether it will take three or seventy years; the task is the same. It is a matter of how fast we are able to receive information, understand, get to the center of the problem and resolve it. If we have strength and courage, we can achieve this quickly and shorten our karma.
I quickly changed to another screen. Here I saw how robots performed operations via binoculars, leaving no scar. This was revolutionary and the doctors were delighted. Another screen showed migrations across all borders, as well as natural catastrophes, polar shifts and new diseases that medical science will be not be able to comprehend because we have become resistant to our present medicine. On other screens I saw how we will be going back to explore nature and to benefit more thoroughly from it. Many young medical students were travelling in the rain forests and collecting samples to take home. A small international group of doctors were working with homeopathic medicine and with bio-energetic crystal healing. I looked at the year: 2030. Fascinated, I could hardly take my eyes away.

“The Nine” send me a nice, loving warmth: Sit comfortably and look down. I closed my eyes and felt indescribably wonderful; my senses were attentive, quiet and harmonious. I could feel the closeness of somebody that I knew from Earth. My physical mind was on Earth but my consciousness was far out in space, far out in this beautiful universe. I felt something familiar, another intelligence that belonged to a person that I had just said goodbye to. I felt that her consciousness was present like mine and that it was here to get information for her physical brain , where intelligence is encoded.
Not far from our two conscious minds were various others from different planets and other places in the universe, they were also here to learn. We all sat quietly and floated into each other’s conscious minds while we gave thanks to the cosmos for this moment. We “spoke” in sound waves and gave each other permission to exchange light, love and understanding on a higher level, others arrived to take the place of those who were finished and had left the group.

Love to all have a nice summer.
Love yourself first, then you can love others.

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