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Default Hi Polly

Hi my dearest Polly

In these days, so much new stuff is showing us, we have abilities to open the 3 eye to see what they are giving us for the next millions of years, LOL.

Exiting to be a part of al this universal knowledge and wisdom, and today 2008 it doesn’t matter if people understand it or not, we who know we KNOW it is like that, there is to many who already can see through time zones and look into other life forms, civilizations etc.etc. Is aware of another beginning is already started......2012 will be the cosmic climax where many, many worldwide have been connected to some one in space.

Our mind, body and soul spinning so fast in this now that we have to be open to receive it all.

I LOVE this new round of the insight to the cosmic topics and theme to share with all of you out there in cyberspace.

The other day, my mind was traveling by a tide wave into the deep blue, and I saw and see so MUCH goner happened down here, a re-start to the next level of awareness to an exiting new world, thus we will begin to use our cosmic insight seriously.

I cant wait to see around the world how much new started companies with totally new input from above the young people will use without telling where they have the idea from, some will and others they just make the multiple knowledge cross the boarders and thus there will be a world-language, between the young kids and some elders their know the knowing of the whole.

A space symbols, who there know what we world wide is develops, can see where it came from. And therefore we will work together by the space technology whom these people who receive the contact with to work.

And it is already started, I can see here between my friends in Spain, the people I also know for 12 years ago, are aware of the new round by our own cosmic knowledge and we are ready to share and telling each other what we dream, have vision of or what we are into by the remote view or teleported way to explain about more universal knowledge, thus it is all up there, just re-move your sight and reach out for more wisdom.

YES, I bubble with new energy and new ideas………..we are 12 year older and wiser LOL, (lets hope LOL) and hopefully we will use it in a better balance thus we can really create and make many , many things from the cosmic knowledge.

Have the most wonderful day, love to all your space friends your surrounded with, thus they are here more than ever again.

And I love them all.

Ulla your friend 4 ever.
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