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Smile We are well on our way into space.

ways, as they find out that the molecular structure of the cells has changed radically during the last twenty years. The new methods supply proof of healing - chromotherapy, phosphorescent light technique, liquid silicon being induced into the skull and the bones via ultra-violet light, liquid gel being sprayed into intestines and organs, liquid silicone gold dust sprayed into the central nervous system forming a network in the nerve paths. Small crystal implants, with coded information for optimum body function, will eclipse conventional medicine, changing the way of thinking for the whole profession.
We saw large congresses being held around the world with scientists, nuclear scientists, doctors, business men, banks and investors from interested enterprises, all inquiring about crystals and their use.
The place was full to the brim with new ideas. We saw how many dentists were interested in a new way to eliminate parodontal disease. They were discussing a small box that looked like the tooth protector that boxers use, with the difference that it was made of thin aluminum filled with crystals and at each end a small cord, with tentacles linked to the person’s own magnetic field, controlled by the crystals, which would then be used bio-energetically to eliminate the bacteria in the gums.
We have a magnetic field with electronic discharge around us. If this magnetic field is broken, negative vibrations might appear in our organs, since we also consist of crystal cells. If they are not charged and activated once in a while, they “fade” , but they can be re-activated via light energies. The crystal cells slowly “wake up” and the blocking is eliminated positively.
On a small table some radioactive radiation instruments could be seen; the doctors were changing them slightly by placing crystal quartz converters on the outside of the old instruments for radiation treatment of cancer, which now are called “tired cells”. This brings new life into the molecular structure; the electric oscillations of the crystal convert the negative and harmful radioactive rays to positive light energy in the place where the imbalance is situated in the body.
With this new technique, the patient was put into a crystal scanner. The previous tunnel was being rebuilt so that nobody was harmed by the rays. The poor doctors and nurses who work with this on a daily basis will be protected by crystals.
Year 2015 – 30: A new way of thinking is necessary, gradually this is comprehended. It is revolutionary. There have been experiments with many healing methods. The organic heart is now functioning well, lungs and liver can almost be exchanged by this new healing process, but the kidneys continue to be problematic, although a breakthrough in improving their capacity to eliminate waste products, is close.
We are well on our way into space. Humanity has contact with impulses from other civilizations through ultrasound oscillations. Thousands of different experimental approaches are being made to what is just on the edge of discovery. We have overcome the majority of diseases. Optimism is in every country around the globe. Different religions are being dissolved through the understanding of a communal God. We are on our way to controlling the weather and the climate through parabolic discs, distributing rain, snow and sun. The purpose being to ensure that everybody has food on the table, that there are no more floods and that the destructive tornadoes are pacified.
It will take a couple of hundred years to gain influence over earthquakes. This will happen by vibrating sound oscillations bio-energetically into the crystal in the middle of Mother Earth via crystal parabolic discs from space, or by the help from other planets, but this is very far into the future. Maybe the Earth vibrates on such high octaves in the year 3000 that we are sharing the vibrations and can influence the infra structure of the Earth together, so that inner earthquakes and other eruptions will ebb away in the frequencies of the magnetic field around the Runchel.

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