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Originally Posted by Chi
Oh God the 80's. Ha!
The shoulder pads (shades of the 40's in the 80's. Ha!)
And how if you wore a blazer; you rolled up the sleeves
to your elbow so that the silk or satin linings would show.
And the hi-tops with bobbies socksand the puffy hair.
(shades of the 50's). Too too funny...

OMG! Those satin jackets! Us in Hollywood had those Satin Show Jackets! WE were tooooooo cool! LOL! My first one was from a game show called, "Win Lose or Draw" with Bert Convy! What a hoot.

I looked up Win, Lose or Draw and I NEVER knew the show was done in Europe too! (Now, that's funny!!!)

*edit* This somewhat scary!... Show's I worked on and never saw are NOW ON YOUTUBE! eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
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