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Default My cat Nibbles...

may be getting ready to crossover...

Peter and I left a very friendly, cuddily, meowing jumping around cat on The Labor Day weekend to come in and find that Nibbles is being very lethargic, not meowing, and didn't even seem interested in eating her cat food when the other 2 ran for it after Peter filled the bowls.

I am not sure how old Nibbles is, she may be anywhere from 15-over 17, as I was never told when I took her in how old she was. Nibbles when she first came to me, about 2 1/2 years ago she was very frightened and was hiding out for about 2 weeks. She would only come out to eat and do her business and then when she thought no one was in my apt.

This is the same cat I feel may have given me a telepathic message one night to pet her, where I went into detail elsewhere on this board...

Can any one give me any feedback on this? Or is this normal cat behaviour?

Peter is fearful that Nibbles is getting ready to leave the Earth plane. Even when I was petting her she seemed so distant.

If this is the case I will truly miss my pet-Peter said it doesn't make sense to bring her to a vet as the vet will tell us it is just old age, and then may just recommend some vitamins for her which she probably doesn't even need.

Any feedback is more than welcome.

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