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Default surprise

Originally Posted by Nori
They come - and we cry
They go - and we cry
And then we sigh with relief
They're gone
So is their chaos of emotions
So are your best jeans
They come back -we cry
When they leave again
They cry........
They are a part of you
Yet you are apart
For it is the design of nature
To let go of its creations
And let them be free!*


Dear Stanley
I am "bumping " a poem I wrote - then add it here if I can.
when our only child moved to Seattle (we are in NY!)
PS she is coming to visit next week- cry cry cry cry!


the seeds of a dandelion
Pretty, delicate, rather flimsy and light
Cling to their parent-flower so tight
Eventually the wind blows them away
Rest asssured: that although sparated or apart
They belong to each other as a new flower starts.

The seeds of the dandelion travel afar
Carried by the wind where they had begun
Their flight is so natural when first we notice:
delicately a different
dancing ....direction.......

We knew it and yet-

It came as a surprise!

2006 December

it was outta the blue

but he just called and said Dad ...imiss you

thank Nori your words of wisdom in my time of great need

are in my heart

like a sacred seed..

and i celebrate the fact that you are my friend.

and always have been.
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