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Default Who knows why!

They come - and we cry
They go - and we cry
And then we sigh with relief
They're gone
So is their chaos of emotions
So are your best jeans
They come back -we cry
When they leave again
They cry........
They are a part of you
Yet you are apart
For it is the design of nature
To let go of its creations
And let them be free!*


Dear Stanley
I am "bumping " a poem I wrote - then add it here if I can.
when our only child moved to Seattle (we are in NY!)
PS she is coming to visit next week- cry cry cry cry!


the seeds of a dandelion
Pretty, delicate, rather flimsy and light
Cling to their parent-flower so tight
Eventually the wind blows them away
Rest asssured: that although sparated or apart
They belong to each other as a new flower starts.

The seeds of the dandelion travel afar
Carried by the wind where they had begun
Their flight is so natural when first we notice:
delicately a different
dancing ....direction.......

We knew it and yet-

It came as a surprise!

2006 December
OM! Shanti! Peace!
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