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Smile hi stan

Hi Stanley

Love hurts, when we love to much

Love heal when we trust to much

Love steel when we show to much

Love has many "side effect" when we love someone

but love is the most beautiful tools

to open our hearts

to make us cry, to make us laugh

to make us smile and to make us fly

Love is a key to heavens door and back again

to make us see on the bright side of life

Love is the most pure energy the human beings

can learn from, through crying and laughing, sadness and brightness.

Love is cosmic feed for us , to learn and earn and learn

Love is the core from the divine, the essence of

universal DNA we all have within us.

To test, smell and taste if we can use this energy

with our souls to hold it in our minds and use it with

our heart and intelligence and still we don't no exactly how

To handle the word LOVE, to use our feeling with wings of love

so we can fly hand in hand, in ONE lovely energy of understanding.

But LOVE is an energy always with an eternal moving stream

we can feel in our hearts on and of, in our life

Sometimes the LOVE energy is latent , and sometimes its flow in and out our hearts, that's why love makes us cry, Stanley but it is for a while and a new love energy will flow into our hearts again.

The rainbow of LOVE, and light will open many wonderful doors

full of happiness, radiate with billions of love-seeds to all of us.

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Love yourself first, then you can love others.

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