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Originally Posted by Nori
I had decided NOT to become involved in this thread,
however, I cannot read this last response of hatred and negativity
towards another human being, and just let it go. I know very little about the gossip
of Hollywood, I do care about how Shirley is represented here
on her site. We have a right to our opinions, that is true.... BUT
this vitreolic response as well as some of the others in this thread
obviously affected me. Let's try to be a little understanding, I am
not making excuses for Ms Lohan.... we need to take responsibility
for our actions... and also give a little encouragement in a way
that is helpful- either a kick in the butt or a hug, or both.
There are enough serioius problems in the world that we need not
dwell on the unfortunate mistakes made by one young woman.

Yes, she does have a tendency to bring out caustic remarks from people, however what you call unfortunate mistakes, I call deliberate decisions. The woman committed several crimes this last weekend. DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, possession of drugs. These things did not happen by accident - they are not mistakes. She made these decisons.

I am simply trying to make it known that the movie going public (working class) are outraged at this behavior and indeed her last few films did not do well at the box office.

And yes, it was pretty unanimous at the water cooler (where working class people like me chat with coworkers so to speak) Tuesday (Monday was a holiday for us) that at this point in her "career", watching her in a movie would be very distracting and laughable as she has become something of a joke.

These are not the words we used. I've cleaned it up a lot, A LOT, and I did not bring that point up in my first post because I felt it unnecessary to bring up the meanness out there in the real world to a public forum.

Point remains that a lot of people probably had the same conversation and came to the same conclusion at a lot of water coolers.

We're not talking about people in the entertainment industry. I'm talking about 9-5 people making $100,000 a year or less who don't get invited to premeres and actually BUY movie tickets. I simply thought someone might want to know that there will be a lot of empty seats at Miss Lohan's next film. I'm just hoping it's not one that Ms. MacLaine is in because I'll be sorry to miss it.

I came back this evening to see if that press release was false or not, but there is not yet a reply. I'm sure something like this is a pain to confirm or debunk, but it's out there and it's not putting Ms. MacLaine in a very good light.
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