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I had decided NOT to become involved in this thread,
however, I cannot read this last response of hatred and negativity
towards another human being, and just let it go. I know very little about the gossip
of Hollywood, I do care about how Shirley is represented here
on her site. We have a right to our opinions, that is true.... BUT
this vitreolic response as well as some of the others in this thread
obviously affected me. Let's try to be a little understanding, I am
not making excuses for Ms Lohan.... we need to take responsibility
for our actions... and also give a little encouragement in a way
that is helpful- either a kick in the butt or a hug, or both.
There are enough serioius problems in the world that we need not
dwell on the unfortunate mistakes made by one young woman.
OM! Shanti! Peace!
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