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Default Lohan

This is what is so wretched about Hollywood. THE GIRL DOES NOT DESERVE TO WORK AT ALL!!!!!!! Why they keep casting this drunk, drugged out, unprofessional, ungrateful skank is beyond me. I expect more from well respected professionals than to work with this nasty little troll. There are so many actresses that can do a BETTER job than she can and will not be a pain in the ass on the set. Natalie Portman!!! Lindsay's movies continue to BOMB over and over again. Does that tell you NOTHING????? THE PUBLIC HATES HER!!! Movie goers do NOT want to see her....GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS HOLLYWOOD! She wants to be a drunk, she wants to do drugs and she is NOT in rehab to get help, but to PR herself and keep out of jail. DUH!!!! She will be in a rehab and leave to go get loaded on her birthday and go make films...whatever...just like last time. It did no good before, it will do no good now. She is a gutter drunk that LIKES IT! And the club owners should have their businesses SHUT DOWN for serving minors!!! If it is the last thing I ever do, I will MAKE LAWS APPLY IN HOLLYWOOD if it kills me! This is my dieing wish.
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