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This is a quote from the New York Times article this morning: "For Lohan, a Mix of Sympathy and Scorn" By SHARON WAXMAN, Published: May 31, 2007

"To be hired again, some said, Ms. Lohan might have to be more than sober. She would need perhaps to post her salary as bond, or pay for her own insurance, even on an independent film.

Ms. Lohan was meant to start a new movie this week, an independent production titled “Poor Things,” about two female con artists, also starring Shirley MacLaine. The film’s producers met on Wednesday to decide whether to replace Ms. Lohan or hold off while she spent a month under wraps."

I'm not certain where Ms. Waxman received her information but it appearing in the New York Times gives it a credibilty it wouldn't have received if it were the National Enquirer.

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