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Christina is right!
Let this girl either get well or crash & burn on her own! DO NOT wait for her. She needs help, it is obvious. My daughter turns 21 in August and I'd beat her a$$ if she EVER did any of these things.........don't help her out, besides, she sucks as an actress.....

Originally Posted by Christina P

Your new movie "Poor things" sounds great. Your a great actress and I watch all your movies.

Please recast the Lohan role and give it to some wonderful up and comer who needs a chance to prove herself. Or just anybody but Lohan. I read that you are willing to work around her rehab and that just sickens me.

This poor girl needs to prove she wants to get well. Maybe it would humble her some and give her time for reflection if she actually had to EARN back the respect of her community instead of having a job waiting for her (I'm pretty sure she doesn't need the money by the way) and people willing to work around her behavior. Let her prove herself first. She has had second, third, fourth, (need I go on?) chances. I and many people like me feel that those in the movie industry who keep hiring these out of control individuals are enablers.

In the real world this girl would either be on the streets or straightened out. I opt for staightened out because most employers do not allow unlimited "sick" days. If a prospective employer were to do a background check on her today, she would not be hired. She would be a risk, and believe me, she would truly be motivated to straighten out her life so she could get a job.

In my state, rehab is free for the indigent. I know, because I picked up a friend the other day. There were no massages, passes out, or gourmet food. Visitation was limited. But the program focused on rehabilitation. Definately not where someone would go unless they really wanted help.

Please make your movie and get it out as soon as possible. You don't need a headlining trainwreck to promote it; that seems so beneath you. Unfortunately, people no longer watch her movies and see her character. They see "that poor spoiled kid", and it is distracting. Please hire someone who will not be a distraction from what sounds like a delightful plot line.

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