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The Elephant meet the Wolf near the spring by the granite pinnacles that spired above them into a cloudless blue sky.

"Ya' know we have a bit of a conundrum here." said the Elephant to the Wolf. "Yes I am aware of this answered the Wolf." The Elephant continued,
"Those people posting on The Encounter Board at Shirley MacLaine's have got us all screwed up!

"Tell me about it!" said the Wolf. "My pack and I have been trumpeting all across the land. It is down right embarrassing! Nothing like this has ever happened before!"
The Elephant agreed, "My people are on the verge of tears continuously. We won't talk to each other anymore, and we wont announce our presence at the water hole, and we can't call after our children because they think it's you coming after them! My goodness! Who on Earth could have conceived of Elephants that Howl?!?!"

"....and trumpeting Wolves! How absurd!" Added the wolf.

The Elephant sighed, "I know this is all just one big misunderstanding.", and the Wolf agreed, "Yes, that is all this is. How bout' we just swap our howling and trumpeting back again without telling anyone, and just continue on as if nothing ever happened. No one will have their feelings hurt, and we can be one big happy family again."

So The Elephant and The Wolf swapped their voices back to the way it is supposed to be.

The Elephants all across the world now trumpeted with joy for having their trumpeters returned to them, and The Wolves now bey and howl at the moon and for each other with the joy of having a unique misunderstanding resolved.
Love, Michael, The Valkyrie
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