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Default The Big Elephant

The Big elephant never tarries for too long
She engulfs herself on what is available at the time
And then she moves on
Lingering beyond is not in her sense of being
And so she moves, she moves, she walks on.

And yet she senses those who wish to linger and ponder
She allows them to do so for a time,
Understanding their hold on what is or was
But as she moves slowly from her presence, she gives notice
And makes her awareness known to the others, subtley.

Moving slowly then, she brings attention to her movements
Not by force but by presence
No sense in holding on to what is past, she thinks.
For this will not be here tomorrow
We have to find a new day, a new holding for the new day.

And so she walks, slowly she walks, planting her feet into the new ground
Ambling forward always, never looking back
And then she feels her charges following, ever so gently
It does not matter to her for she will be moving forward anyway
But it is nice to know that the others feel it so as well.

Nice to know, for the moment, that she will not be alone....

Love, Deb
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